The Cross of Christ
The international crest of the Patrician Brothers has fairly self-explanatory symbolism. Starting from the top we have rays of like coming from the cross of Christ as Jesus is the light of the world.
The Heart Points
The heart points to the love that God has for us by sending us His only Son to suffer and to die for us and that we are also called to love others and to live with them in peace and harmony.
The Shield of Crest
The shield of the crest which contains the Mitre, Heart, Harp, and Bible, brings to the famous prayer “The Breastplate of St. Patrick”. This prayer, protect us from the harms of the world.

St. Patrick, the great saint who inspired the world with the Christian Faith

St. Patrick the best-known saint of the Western World. As his great prayer, the Brothers strive to see Christ in his creation and in the people to whom they have committed their lives. Saint Patrick to be the patron saint to the men who were dedicating their lives to continue the mission as Brothers of Saint Patrick, he bestowed upon them a great name and a great spiritual legacy.